Dow FROTH-PAK 600 A & B


FROTH-PAK 600A - Isocyanate / FROTH-PAK™ 600B - Polyol is a two-component polyurethane spray foam system. It comes in two pressurised containers. The tanks are linked by hoses to the INSTA-FLO (GHA9) dispensing gun equipped with an Anti-Crossover nozzle, to be ready to spray.


Foamed-in-place insulating air barrier sealant for insulation and air leakage control in the building envelope such as: Replacing, repairing insulation in refrigerated containers and warehouses; Sealing of mechanical, electrical penetrations in walls, floors, ceilings, attics and roofs; air-sealing around windows & doors; Structural support to plumbing, window & door fixation and sound dampening for pools.


Pack Size - FP 600A 20.5kg Tank
FP 600B 19.9kg Tank