Geobond ABS Universal One Part High Strength Flexible Adhesive and Sealant


Geobond ABS Universal is a one part, high strength, flexible (once cured) adhesive and sealant for OEM specification caravan and motorhome construction and sealing. Geobond ABS Universal is non hazardous (Isocyanate and solvent free), offers high UV resistance, rapid cure through characteristics and is compatible with most butyl sealing tapes*. Geobond ABS Universal is fully approved to ISO4599/527-2/1B/50 for use on acrylic capped ABS plastic panels and offers superior adhesion without the need for specific adhesion primers.  


Geobond ABS Universal can be used for the following external (and internal) bonding and sealing applications: Front and rear panels (including acrylic capped ABS plastic), aluminium awning rails, refrigerator/side vents, roof vents, roof aerials, satellite aerials, windows to side panels and side trims.  


  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of caravan and motorhome substrates
  • Quick rate of cure through and adhesion build up
  • Excellent application and tooling characteristics
  • No shrinkage or slump
  • Environmentally friendly - no solvents, halogenated compounds or Isocyanates.
  • High modulus offering good abrasion resistance
  • High elongation properties




Pack Size - 600ml Sausage
290ml ā€˜eā€™ Cartridge
400ml Sausage